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Login Me Now provides over
25 features making it the ultimate WP login solution.

Share WP login access securely

This plugin offers the easiest way to share WordPress dashboard access with anyone.In a matter of seconds, you will be able to generate access token & set rules to create temporary or passwordless login access

Conditional login

Provide limited access to the dashboard and admin bar options to specific role based users such as shop manager, editor, etc.

Menu filter

Select the admin menu pages that you want to prevent access to by restricted admins. Coming Soon

Hide plugins

You can automatically scale down Retina screenshots to standard resolution. Coming Soon

Hide admin bar

Never waste time on trying to perfectly align your screenshots again. Coming Soon

Time expiration

Make the restricted admin account expire after a certain period of time. Coming Soon

Plugins’ internal pages

Take more control and restrict access to plugins’ internal pages. Coming Soon

Access control

Set the number of times the access login URL can be used. Coming Soon

Social login

Research indicates that a significant majority of users, approximately 77% , prefer using social login method instead of traditional WordPress login form.

OTP login

OTP= One time passcode

Let your user sign-up or login on your WordPress website simply with OTP

Express login

The easiest way to increase revenue is to remove friction

Signup & login form customizer

Customize signup & login form with the builder for greater user experience

User Switching

Instantly switch to any user account

Effortlessly swap between user accounts.
This feature is useful for any WP website where administrators need to switch between multiple accounts.

Activity log

Keep an activity log of everything that occurs when a user logs in to the dashboard using the tokenized login link.

Direct Integration with

Simple History


In addition to the functionality outlined above, Login Me Now includes dedicated controls for some of the biggest third-party plugins in the WordPress ecosystem.
Coming soon
Coming soon
Coming soon
Coming soon
Coming soon
Coming soon
Coming soon
Coming soon
Coming soon

Browser extension

Quickly log in to WP dashboard in just 1 click

Securely store all your login details in one convenient spot-no more remembering multiple usernames and passwords!

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