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Login Me Now

1 click temporary login, social login & user switching

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AIO Content Restriction

Limit users from viewing content by restricting access

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Streamlined Login and Increased Registrations
Excellent plugin! and outstanding support! team have truly impressed me.

This plugin effectively addresses the login issue, enabling users to log in within a matter of seconds. Ever since I started using this plugin, the rate of user registrations on my website has more than doubled.

My heartfelt gratitude goes to the developer for creating such a remarkable login plugin.
"Login Me Now" user
Excellent and easy!
Great plugin does exactly what it says! Good job!
"AIO content restriction"
Thank you to the author for providing such a login tool, which makes it very convenient for me to manage multiple websites!
If anyone also need to manage logins for multiple websites, don’t miss out on this plugin.
"Login Me Now" user
Amazing Plugin
Amazing Experience. very easy to use and helpful. keep up the good work.
"Login Me Now" user

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